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Our site is designed to help you find the rental or vacation property you are looking for. We have properties in Southern California located in Anaheim, Belmont Shores, Big Bear, Catalina Island, and Corona. This site will let you take a quick look at the properties we currently have available, and also give you a quick tour of each property. All of the information needed to rent each property can be found on this site. Take a look around and start planning your vacation, or rental now.

About Us

We are family-owned and operated and have over 30 years on experience in the rental business. We take pride in the ownership of all of our properties, and this shows by the outstanding crubapeal and how current all maintainance is on every property. Many of the listed properties are in greatly desired locations of Southern California, and are strongly sought after peaces of property.

Variety of Properties

We have a variety of properties located in a throughout Southern California.

Rentals and Vacation Homes

We started off with just a few properties, and have added more as the years have gone on. We have recently added a Vacation Rental on Santa Catalina Island to our list of rentals. This is one of our prime vacation properties. Check out the photos and variety of activities on the island. Catalina Island is the perfect romantic island getaway spot. This property is booked through Catalina Vacation Rentals, so book your dates, and get on the next boat to Catalina!

Equal Opportunity

kRentals is an equal opportunity renter. You are welcome to fill out a renter's application, we consider all applicants.

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Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island, California’s only island resort destination. Perfect for a romantic weekend getaway, Santa Catalina Island is a unique escape from the frenzied pace of mainland life.

Belmont Shores

Belmont Shores

Life is pretty good in Belmont Shore overlooking Naples and the Long Beach peninsula, this small bay area is popular for sunbathing, swimming and learning how to sail the Sabot boats invented here decades ago. Also a hit is popular 2nd Street, an approximate four-block long shopping region of cute stores, eateries, banks, photo labs and even two Starbucks.



Just outside Orange County the growing city of Corona, with beautiful mountain views, centeraly located and just minutes from the mountains and beach areas. Corona has emerged as an ethnically diverse community, where a significant percentage of the population is made up of young, well educated families.